Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission)
Monitoring of Rotating Device

The condition monitoring is vital for mechanical equipment (damage state, lubrication state, etc.) that mainly rely on rotating action to complete specific functions, which are widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and aerospace and other important engineering fields.

For instances: gear box, centrifugal fan, centrifugal pump, steam turbine, gas turbine, generator, motor, centrifugal compressor, hydraulic turbine, aircraft engine, centrifugal separator, lathe, grinder and other rotating mechanical equipment.

Wind turbine bearing/gearbox



Centrifugal compressor

RAEM2 acoustic emission monitoring system developed by Qingcheng Ltd is the latest IoT-AE product which can accurately monitor the condition of the rotating machinery, such as wears, lubrication status, damages in the machinery, etc.

✬ It is mainly used to monitor the damage of bearings (sliding bearings, rolling bearings) of rotating equipment and various parts installed on rotating shaft.

Monitoring Object Rolling Bearing; Sliding Bearing; Impeller; Gear; Coupling; ...
Solution Multiple RAEM2; Battery powered
NInstallation Site Fixed part of rotating equipment
Quantity Multiple
Principle Acoustic waves are generated when rotating equipment is operated, including those audible to human ears and those outside the audio range that cannot be heard by human ears. The acoustic wave should have a different spectrum for different states (normal operation,wear, lubricant contamination and deterioration, etc.). The acoustic wave is received by RAEM2 monitor, and the corresponding state isobtained through qualitative and quantitative analysis of themonitor and the cloud platform of the Internet of Things.

Vibration VS. Acoustic Emission
Vibration testing has been widely used in rotating machinery condition monitoring currently. But acoustic emission technology can be also used in condition monitoring in rotating machinery plus more advantages.

Acoustic Emission Testing

  • Detect the acoustic waves from the local sound source.
  • For both transient and stead-state signals, such as cracking or wear.
  • Detect low & high frequency signals.
  • The sensor must be installed on the surface of the detection object.
  • High sensitive to local states and intial damages.

Vibration Testing

  • Detect the overall vibration of the whole structure.
  • Just for steady-state signals, such as wear or corrosion.
  • Detect low-frequency signals.
  • Sensor is unnecessary to install on the surface of the detection object.
  • Low sensitive to the local states and initial faults.

RAEM2 Monitor

Installation site: fixed part of a rotating device.

(Multiple monitors can form a multi-channel monitoring system for real-time monitoring of large equipment)

For example, when monitoring the rotating components such as amusement facilities, the monitor should be far away from the position of bolt connection and support as far as possible; In local monitoring, the measured part should be located in the middle of the monitor array.


  • Time trigger
  • Continuous signal acquisition
  • Remote monitoring, long-term monitoring and diagnosis
  • Low power consumption and low cost


  • Rotating equipment (bearing, gear box, etc.) needs 1-8 monitors.
  • The monitor communicates with central control server, monitoring screen or IoT platform though Wi-Fi or gateway or 4G.
  • Timing start and sleep system, timing data acquisition.
  • Obtain criteria standard from data analysis and processing
  • Alarm information based on the criteria

Data Display & Analysis System

The RAEM1 output data can be displayed on:

  • SWAE software
    SWAE Software-Computer
    The data can be downloaded from the cloud for further analysis by SWAE software, or sent directly to SWAE software for real-time analysis and processing to understand the defect details. Such as defect location analysis, parameter analysis, correlation graph analysis, waveform analysis, FFT, wavelet transform, rating analysis, etc.

    SWAE Software Computer

  • Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform
    Cloud platform
    Qingcheng IoT cloud platform, Ali Cloud platform, Amazon cloud platform, etc.

    SWAE Software Computer

    Note: The cloud platform can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Real-time data display: users can carry out remote monitoring through the cloud platform and the cloud platform can push alarm information to users automatically when the device is abnormal.

    SWAE Software Computer

  • Bluetooth App Patrol
    Onsite inspection with mobile phone
    This system supports onsite inspection by connecting devices with smart phone via Bluetooth for device Settings and data monitoring.

    SWAE Software Computer

  • Or other post data analysis using our transmission protocols, such as RS485

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