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RAEM1 Acoustic Wave (Acoustic emission) Wireless real-time Monitor




Based on Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) technology and Linux operating system, could achieve long-term stable running. combined with Qingcheng IoT cloud platform, it could meet the different requirements of application.


Compatible with a variety of communication methods, long transmission distance, fast speed. Compact design and easy installation.

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RAEM1 system is an IIoT-AE product designed for remote unattended acoustic wave (acoustic emission) long term monitoring applications. RAEM1 is a single channel AE monitoring system integrated with data acquisition, processing and transmission in one small cylinder.

RAEM1 is a compact all-in-one AE monitoring system, whose easy installation and automatic operation makes the unattended remote monitoring achievable.

RAEM1 System Elements
The RAEM1 package consists of a RAEM1 cylinder, an AE sensor, a power adaptor and some accessories. When the RAEM1 detects AE signals on the sensor, it will automatically process, analysis and transmit the result data to the desired terminals.

RAEM1 System Structure

RAEM1 System Structure

Basic RAEM1 Hardware Connection

RAEM1 Top Plate Function Introduction

System Order Configuration Table

Components Options Notes
Supply Input Power Power adaptor (by default, 12V/1A) or battery pack (12V/1A) The power adaptor is the default setup. If a battery pack has to be chosen, customers may need to source it on their own.
Original Matching Sensor (IMPORTANT)
  • An integral sensor with built-in preamplifier (by default) or;
  • a general purpose sensor plus an external preamplifier (PAV)
The original matching sensor determines the output voltage and the analog filter in the RAEM1 hardware, which is not able to modified by software. So it is recommend to only use the original matching sensor type.
Supply Input Power
  • 28V or
  • 12V or
  • 5V
To drive the preamplifier. It is fixed in hardware and not allowed to modified after manufacture. It is determined by the original matching sensor preamp.
Analog Filter
  • High-pass: 30kHz, 125kHz
  • Low-pass: 80kHz, 175kHz
Analog filter is the hardware filter which is not allowed to modified by software after manufacture. Once the original matching sensor is chosen, we will configure the best analog filter.
Sensor Cable Length
  • 1 meter
  • 2 meters
  • Or 5 meters
Choose a standard cable length between the sensor and the RAEM cylinder.
Communication Methods
  • Ethernet Cable (compulsory)
  • WiFi
  • 4G
  • LoRa
  • RS485
  • Bluetooth
  • NB-IoT
  • Others
The Ethernet cable is compulsory wire transmission with the computer. Customers can choose one or two more other communication methods for transmission.
Output Data Format
  • Waveform (original AE waves voltage in time domain)
  • Parameters (e.g. Amplitude, Energy, RMS, ASL, duration...)
  • Rating levels (classify parameters in different levels and certain levels to trigger alarms)
RAEM1 can output all three types of data or only one or two types to save the data streams.
Data Terminal
  • Computer/ laptop to use the SWAE desktop software
  • Smartphone using the Bluetooth APP
  • Qingcheng IoT Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba Cloud/ AWS/ Azure or other commercial Cloud platform
  • Private servers or self-develop software
Choose the desired data display and analysis terminals. We provide well-function software, APP, and QC IoT Cloud platform for real-time data display and analysis. We also provide the TCP/MQTT protocol for customers to self processing the data streams.
*Special Requirements (optional) Such as protection degree (IP65), or temperature, or other unusual environmental or operational conditions Please let us know the more details as possible to help you to consider and solve the difficulties.

Based on the application and the actual site environment and requirements, the appropriate matching sensor and the communication methods are selected from all available options when ordering. The output power, analog filter and communication modules are hardware embedded so they are not allowed to modified by software after manufacturing. It is recommended to only connect the original paired sensor to the RAEM1.

Technical Specifications

  • Channel: Single channel
  • Sampling accuracy: 16-bit
  • Trigger method: Threshold/time trigger
  • System noise: <30dB
  • Sampling rate: Max.2M/s per channel
  • Dynamic range: 70dB
  • Protect grade: IP65
  • Input bandwidth: 10KHz-800KHz
  • Analog filter: High-pass filters: 30KHz, 125KHz Low-pass filter: 80KHz, 175KHz
  • Digital filter: Any value within 0KHz~1000KHz can be set freely, high pass, low pass, band pass
  • Sensor: Integral sensors with built-in preamplifier (Choose one of three preamp options when ordering: 40dB28V, 34dB12V or 26dB5V)
  • Data output: Waveform, AE parameters and parameter rating
  • AE parameter: Arrival time, amplitude, counts, energy, rise time, duration,RMS,ASL
  • SD card: 64G(can be expanded up to 512G)
  • Comm method: 4G、network port、Wi-Fi、RS485(customized with NB-IOT, Lora etc.)
  • Working temp.: -20℃~60℃(Wi-Fi version: 0℃~60℃)
  • Power supply: Battery or external power supply (DC 12V)
  • Weight: 220g (without built-in battery/sensor)
  • Size (D x H): 62mm x 100mm (without built-in battery/sensor)
  • Installation: Magnetic base, can be adsorbed on the surface of the object

RAEM1 Desktop Type Connection
RAEM1 can be used as the desktop type AE system using Ethernet cable or local WiFi network directly to the computer or laptop.

One RAEM1 Desktop Type Connection

Multiple RAEM1 Networking Desktop Type Connection

RAEM1 Online Monitoring Connection

Data Display and Analysis System
The RAEM1 output data can be displayed on:

Application Places

  • Bridge cable wire break monitoring
  • Storage tank crack monitoring
  • Structural integrity monitoring
  • Wind turbine blades integrity monitoring
  • Bucket truck boom integrity monitoring

Related Applications

Compatible with a variety of communication methods, long transmission distance, fast speed. Compact design and easy installation.


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