Broken wires monitoring in Maanshan Yangtze River Bridge

Brief:Broken wire monitoring via RAEM1 acoutic emission monitoring system.


Maanshan Yangtze River Bridge in Anhui Province was completed and opened to traffic at the end of 2013. In 2022, during the inspection process of the bridge, it was found that the steel wire within the sling had begun to appear potential fracture. According to the research and judgment of Anhui Academy of Transportation Sciences, acoustic emission technology was used to monitor the broken wires of multiple slings and key parts. Finally, RAEM1 acoustic emission detection system of Qingcheng Acoustic Emission Institute is selected as the bridge suspension cable monitoring equipment of this project.



The project started in October 2022; RAEM1 acoustic emission monitoring equipment was installed on multiple suspensions to provide long-term monitoring for the bridge suspensions.




Working principle


RAEM1 acoustic emission monitoring system can accurately detect the break signal of the suspension cable, process and analyze the signal, and then upload the signal to Qingcheng Cloud platform through 4G communication, so that customers can see the status of the suspension cable in real time on the terminal equipment. The built-in algorithm of the cloud platform software can calculate the wire breaking rate of the suspension cable through the received cable breaking signals, and can trigger an alarm when the wire breaking rate reaches a preset value, and notify customers by sending SMS or email.




RAEM1 Acoustic emission monitoring system composition


1. Bridge acoustic emission sensor: it is installed on the suspension cable of the bridge to collect the fracture signal, convert the signal into telecommunication and transmit the signal to the RAEM1 monitor after amplification.


2. RAEM1 monitor: Analyze signals from sensors and upload data to the cloud platform.


3. Qingcheng Cloud platform: real-time display of monitoring data, and provide calculation and alarm functions.



RAEM1 acoustic emission monitoring system can dynamically monitor the phenomenon of broken wire of bridge suspension. Once broken wire occurs, it can realize immediate alarm and push the alarm information to the user's mobile phone. And it can work with high accuracy, no error or missing report, it can analyze the location of broken wire, time of broken wire, broken wire number and broken wire rate.



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