Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring

Brief:Jiangsu Sheyang Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring (BT bearing)

Jiangsu Sheyang Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring (BT bearing)

Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring1

BT bearing is a double row tapered roller bearing, with a double raceway of the outer ring and two inner rings, two inner rings between a ring. Bearing clearance can be adjusted by changing the thickness of the spacer. This type of bearing can bear radial load and axial load of both sides at the same time, can limit the axial displacement of shaft and shell in the bearing axial clearance azimuth. it is mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial combined load, has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, low limit speed.

Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring2
Structure diagram

BT bearing between the rotating shaft and the fixed shaft, located in the front end of the main shaft, acoustic emission sensor at the back end of the signal line connected with the host, can only be arranged in the fixed shaft inside, near the position of BT bearing. Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring3
Sensor and monitor installation layout

Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring4
bearing time domain and frequency domain diagram

Wind Power Bearing Online monitoring5
Time domain and frequency domain diagram of bearing

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