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RAEM1-6 Acoustic Emission Detection System




RAEM1-6 multi-channel detector was developed based on acoustic wave( acoustic emission) technology and Linux system, combined with SWAE software, it could effectively carry out acoustic emission nondestructive testing for most of the industrial equipment


Wireless connection, easy to install, battery built-in or external, and optional adapter power supply.

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RAEM1-6 is a multi-channel intelligent IoT acoustic emission monitoring system that integrates automatic control signal acquisition, processing and analysis, data storage, clock synchronization and wireless communication. RAEM1-6 is a stand-alone AE instrument, which can be used as not only a benchtop AE testing equipment but also a remote unattended online monitoring system.

RAEM1-6 System Diagram

RAEM1-6 has high reliability of continuous operation for 24 hours and can be transmitted wirelessly. It is suitable for long-term continuous unattended automatic monitoring applications, such as bridge structure health monitoring, storage tank corrosion monitoring and other applications to predict and alarm early fault detection and maintenance.


  • Standalone system, no need for PC control and manual operations.
  • Simple installation. Once setup sensors and the configurations, the system automatically starts when powering up.
  • Real-time monitoring, acoustic wave processing software can carry out real-time display and processing of signal data.
  • Various acoustic wave parameters, arrival time, amplitude, counts, energy, rise time, rise counts, duration, RMS, ASL
  • Smart alarming, if abnormal activities are detected, it will automatically send out alarm notifications via SMS or emails with the device information and alarm levels.
  • Steady and reliable. Linux system provides stability, reliability and security.

Channel Two or up to six channels, or can cascade chassis to more than 36 channels
Sampling accuracy 16-bit
Trigger method Threshold or time trigger
System noise < 30dB
Sampling rate Adjustable, max 2MS/s per channel
Dynamic range 70dB
Input bandwidth 10kHz-800kHz
Analog filter High-pass filters: 30kHz, 125kHz; Low-pass filter: 80kHz, 175kHz. Hardware fixed at factory. Not adjustable after.
Digital filter 256th order FIR filter. Any value within 0kHz-1000kHz can be set as high-pass, low-pass or band-pass filters
Sensor Integral sensors with built-in preamplifier (choose one of three preamp options when ordering: 40dB28V, 34dB12V or 26dB5V)
Data output Waveform, AE parameters and parameter ratings
AE parameters Arrival time, amplitude, counts, energy (power), rise time, rise counts, duration, RMS, ASL
SD card 64G (can be expanded up to 512G)
Clock synchronization Serial cascading channels, 36-channel system clock synchronization accuracy ≤ 10us
Communication method 4G, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi
Working temperature LAN: -20℃~60℃(Wi-Fi version: 0℃~60℃)
Power supply 12VDC
Weight 1.6kg
Dimension 22cm x 13cm x 8cm (L x W x H)
  • The RAEM1-6 contains 2 to 6 acoustic emission channels and can be cascaded to at least 38 channels or more; the number of channels in the chassis can also be configured according to user needs.
  • Multiple data output communication methods (4G, Ethernet, WiFi, etc.) can also be configured according to user needs.
  • Each channel has built-in 64G TF card storage, which can be expanded to a maximum of 512G. It is used to store data and will not be lost when power is off.
  • Multiple acquisition methods: Envelope mode (Hit extraction) and continuous parameter mode can be selected accordingly. In terms of sampling times, there are interval sampling, continuous sampling and timing sampling available.
  • Based on Linux system and has high feasibility, high stability and high security;
  • Multiple trigger methods are available: signal trigger, or time trigger;
  • Wired clock synchronization, synchronization clock accuracy ≤10us.
  • The data can be uploaded to the cloud IoT platform for display and analysis (Alibaba Cloud, Qingcheng IoT cloud platform), or downloaded to the client computer for in-depth analysis using Qingcheng SWAE software for real-time analysis and processing.

RAEM1-6 is an integrated multi-channel system of RAEM1 with internal clock synchronization module and the communication bus. Each channel of RAEM1-6 is equal to a RAEM1 package. So RAEM1-6 inherits all functions of RAEM1 in addition of high accuracy clock synchronization and bus. Each channel consists of an AE sensor, data acquisition and analysis and transmission built-in modules. When the RAEM1 detects acoustic waves on the sensor, it will automatically process, analyze and transmit the result data to the desired terminals.

RAEM1-6 has a wide input frequency range and a variety of communication methods to choose from. To ensure these hardware fixed configuration of the RAEM1-6 is the best fit to your applications or projects, please contact us with your intended applications and project details and we will propose the best hardware configurations for you.

Below is the hardware configurations of RAEM1-6 that should be considered when ordering:

Components Detail Information Notes
Input Supply
  • Power adaptor
AE Sensor Choose the AE sensor based on the actual applications, in terms of frequency range and types:
  • Integral sensor with built-in preamp
  • Generic sensor with external preamp
The original matching sensor determines the analog filter and phantom power of the preamp in hardware which are fixed and cannot be changed afterwards.
Phantom Power to preamp RAEM1 outputs phantom power to drive the preamp. There are three types: 28V, 12V or 5V. The voltage of the phantom power is automatically chosen based on the selected AE sensor and preamp above.
It is fixed in hardware and cannot be changed afterwards.
Analog Filter
    There are two types available:
  • High-pass: 30kHz, 125kHz
  • Low-pass: 80kHz, 175kHz
The analog filter is automatically chosen based on the selected AE sensor above.
It is fixed in hardware and cannot be changed afterwards.
Sensor Cable Length The signal cable between the sensor/preamp to the RAEM1-6. There are normally three types:
  • One meter
  • Two meters
  • Five meters
If other specific cable length is required, please contact us.
Communication Methods There are various methods available. Choose one method from the following list:
  • WiFi
  • 4G network
  • Ethernet
Ethernet cable is compulsory and also is the backup communication in case other wireless method fails. If you want other communication methods, please contact us.
Terminals Various data terminals available: Choose the desired data terminals when ordering so that we can help with the best configurations. We can provide TCP/ RS485/ MQTT protocols of data communications for self developments.

Based on the application and the actual site environment and requirements, the appropriate matching sensor and the communication methods are selected from all available options when ordering. The phantom power, analog filter and communication modules are hardware embedded so they cannot be modified by software after manufacturing. It is recommended to only connect the original matching sensor types to the RAEM1-6.

RAEM1-6 can also be used as a benchtop inspection instrument for AE testing and connect to SWAE desktop analysis software for real-time AE data display and analysis.

Multiple RAEM1-6 can cascade to a larger AE system for AE testing or monitoring of large equipment.

RAEM1-6 can be used as a remote unattended monitoring system using wireless communications.



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