What are acoustic emission sensors and how do they work?

Acoustic wave (acoustic emission) sensors are the ceramic piezoelectric transducers converting the mechanical elastic acoustic waves generated in the material (e.g. elastic waves occur when a material cracks, wears, deforms, or corrodes) to electrical signals. The electrical signals are then amplified and filtered by a preamplifier and then transmitted to a special acoustic emission acquisition instrument for further data processing and analysis.

We develop and manufacture various types of acoustic emission sensors for sale, including general purpose type, wide-band type, integral preamplifier type, intrinsically safe type, high temperature type, miniature type, as well as customized acoustic emission sensors tailored to meet the special needs of our customers and a wide range of applications.

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QingCheng Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 non-destructive testing systems and condition monitoring solutions manufacturer and global supplier. We have been committed to acoustic emission detection and monitoring in NDT industry for more than 20 years. Qingcheng manufactures acoustic emission sensors, instruments and systems of acoustic emission, vibration and ultrasonic technologies for condition monitoring, non-destructive testing and other application fields. One of our missions is to provide unattended high quality and reliable online condition monitoring systems and solutions for predictive maintenance of valuable industrial assets for the world.


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