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GU series wireless gateways


GU series wireless gateways are industrial-grade devices that serve as a link between a wireless sensor network and the Internet. The gateway coordinates and manages a network of wireless sensing devices. It collects data from the devices and transmits to the cloud for remote monitoring and analysis.


GU gateways support multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, RS485, 4G, WIFI and LoRa.

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GU series gateway is a part of our proprietary wireless sensor network based on Bluetooth technology. It is designed to achieve ultra-low power consumption across the entire network, ensuring long-lasting sensor operation. It offers exceptional resistance to interference and boasts a high signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring stable and reliable communication. GU has been operating reliably and stably in various demanding industrial environments, providing a dependable foundation for the large-scale deployment of wireless sensors.

GU series wireless gateway serves as the core device in the network, responsible for coordinating and managing the wireless nodes. It efficiently manages connections between nodes, ensuring stable communication, and handling enrollment and withdrawal of nodes. By optimizing network connections, the gateway enhances the overall performance of the wireless sensor network, ensuring data transmission stability and real-time capabilities.

The gateway also manages and connects wireless sensors, facilitating protocol conversion between sensors and the central server or cloud platform. Equipped with multiple communication interfaces, including Ethernet, 4G, RS485, CAN, and supporting transmission protocols like MQTT, HTTP, Modbus, and more, it efficiently transfers sensor data to the cloud while receiving and transmiting user instructions back to the sensors. The gateway is designed with open API, allowing flexible integration with various systems and enabling a wide range of data applications and control scenarios.


Product Model GU100P
Wireless Sensor Network 2.4GHz Wireless Sensor Network (Bluetooth 5.0) Line-of-sight range: 300 meters with sensor node and 600 meters with repeater node
Number of Nodes 64 (including gateway)
Wired Sensor Interface Supports third-party Modbus/RS485 sensors
WAN Communication 100M Ethernet; 4G (optional); RS-485/CAN (optional)
Protocols TCP/IP, DHCP, NTP, MQTT, HTTP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CAN
Power Supply DC12-24V; 5W
Interfaces Ethernet: 4pin-M12; Serial: RS-485/CAN/TTL (optional)
Antenna Options Rod antenna, suction cup antenna, fiberglass antenna
Switch Power on and off
Indicator Steady on, Flashing, off
Dimensions 178mm x 119mm x 59mm (L x W x H)
Weight 1.0kg
Operating Temperature -40~85°C
Operating Humidity 10%~90% RH
Enclosure Metal
Ingress Protection IP67
Mounting Bolt fastening


GU gateways support multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, RS485, 4G, WIFI and LoRa.


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