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SVT series wireless vibration sensors are battery-powered industrial-grade sensor specially designed for long-term equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis applications in industrial environment. Users can remotely monitor the vibration and temperature of the equipment, receive early warnings and alarms of any abnormality in time.


Our solutions increase the safety and longevity of critical assets, ensure the safe operation of equipment, reduce unplanned downtime, and reduce the time and cost of operation and maintenance.

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SVT Series Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensors


SVT series wireless vibration temperature sensors are industrial grade sensors designed for equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis applications. The sensor has the characteristics of low noise, high precision, ultra-low power consumption and durability, suitable for long-term use in a variety of harsh industrial environments.

High-performance 3-axis acceleration sensor was used to measure the vibration signal of the device. SVT210 and SVT510 integrate 3-axis MEMS sensors, SVT220 and SVT520 integrate high-performance piezoelectric sensors for the main axis (Z-axis), and MEMS sensors for the auxiliary axis (X-axis and Y-axis).

The sensor adopts industrial grade structural design, which can collect the temperature and vibration signals of the equipment under test. At the same time, the sensor has a powerful edge computing capability, by analyzing these signals, calculate 24-dimensional characteristic data, which is used to find a variety of mechanical anomalies and failures, including the imbalance of rotating equipment, loosening, bearing pitting and wear, gearbox failure, gear failure, etc.

Features and waveforms data of the sensor are transmitted to the remote monitoring platform through the wireless sensor network. Users can remotely monitor the vibration and temperature parameters of the equipment, detect the abnormal operating status of the equipment in time, ensure the safe operation of the equipment, avoid unplanned downtime, and reduce the operation and maintenance time and cost.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Precise measurement
    Low noise, industrial grade structural design enables accurate equipment vibration measurement.
  • Easy installation
    Sensors can be easily mounted by thread fastening, pasting or magnetizing without wiring.
  • Wireless transmission
    2.4GHz wireless sensor network can stably transmit feature data and waveform data.
  • Ultra-low power consumption
    Microwatt power consumption, built-in battery can last 2-10 years.
  • Rugged design
    Waterproof, dustproof, shock-proof, corrosion-resistant, intrinsically safe and explosion-proof, suitable for harsh industrial environment.
  • Flexible configuration
    The range, sampling frequency, sampling points, sampling interval and other parameters can be set according to the needs.
  • Remote monitoring
    Data can be obtained anytime and anywhere, automatic alarm, long-term maintenance free.
  • Bluetooth connection
    Support Bluetooth 5.0 connection, it can directly connect to the mobile phone APP for device inspection.


Product Model SVT210/SVT510 SVT220/SVT520
Accelerometer Type MEMS Z: Piezoelectric; X/Y: MEMS
Acceleration Resolution 16 bits Z: 24 bits; X/Y: 16 bits
Acceleration Range ±16g Z: ±50g or ±100g; XY: ±16g
Acceleration Sensitivity 0.5mg/LSB Z: Frontend 40mV/g, 0.006mg/LSB; X/Y: 0.5mg/LSB
Acceleration Frequency Response Z: 0Hz-6kHz (±3dB), 10Hz-2kHz (±5%) X/Y: 0Hz-5kHz (±3dB) Z: 2Hz-10kHz(±3dB),10Hz-9kHz (±10%) X/Y: 0Hz-5kHz(±3dB)
Resonant Frequency - Z: >50kHz
Temperature Drift 1%/℃ Z: ±10% (-40 to 125℃); XY: 1%/℃
Nonlinearity 0.02 Z: ±1%; X/Y: 2%
Noise 75μg/√Hz Z: μg/√Hz; X/Y: 75μg/√Hz
Acceleration Sampling Frequency 0.417/0.833/1.67/3.33/6.67/13.33/26.67ksps Z: 0.4/0.8/1.6/3.2/6.4/12.8/25.6/51.2/64ksps X/Y: 0.417/0.833/1.67/3.33/6.67/13 .33/26.67kSos
Feature Data Sampling Number 1k/2k/4k
Velocity Frequency Range 10Hz-1kHz
Displacement Frequency Range 10Hz-1kHz (Low: 10Hz-200Hz; High: 200Hz-1kHz)
Envelope Acceleration Sampling rates of 25.6/26.67/51 .2/64ksps: 500Hz-10kHz (SKF ENV3); Other sampling rates: 500Hz high-pass filter
Acceleration FFT 2048 lines
24-dimension Vibration Feature Data Frequency, peak acceleration, acceleration RMS, velocity RMS, peak-to-peak displacement, envelope acceleration, skewness, skewness index, variance, margin factor, crest factor, kurtosis, kurtosis index, pulse factor, fundamental frequency amplitude, 2nd harmonic amplitude, 3rd harmonic amplitude, half harmonic amplitude, spectral variance, spectral mean, spectral RMS, indination angle, pitch angle, roll angle
Temperature Range -40 to 125℃
Temperature Precision ±1℃
Data Acquisition Period 1/2/5/10/15/20/30/60/120 minutes
Waveform Data Acquisition Time 10-20000ms
Data Storage 64MB
Communication 2.4GHz Wireless Sensor Network (Bluetooth 5.0), line-of-sight range 300m; Optional NB (SVT510/SVT520)
Battery SVT210/SVT220:4000mAh Li/SOCL2; SVT510/SVT520: 19000mAh Li/SOCL2
Dimensions SVT210/SVT220: See the diagram below; SVT510/SVT520: 52mm x 90mm (D X H)
Weight SVT210: 185g; SVT220: 212g; SVT510/SVT520: 395g
Operating Temperature -40 to 85℃
Operating Humidity 10%-90% RH
Enclosure Stainless steel and polycarbonate
Explosion Protection EX ia llC T4 Ga
Ingress Protection IP67
Mounting Stud, adhesive, or magnetic mounting



Our solutions increase the safety and longevity of critical assets, ensure the safe operation of equipment, reduce unplanned downtime, and reduce the time and cost of operation and maintenance.


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