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SAEU3H Multi-Channel Acoustic Wave (AE) System


SAEU3H System


The multi-channel acoustic wave (acoustic emission) testing system with a maximum sampling rate of 10M points/second per channel; each channel can be independently set; compatible to SWAE analysis software; three types of chassis are available.


Multiple channels, USB3.0 connection, maximum 10MSP/S per channel, can be cascaded to 100+ channel system

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SAEU3H Multi-Channel Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Testing System

SAEU3H MULTI-CHANNEL AE SYSTEM, SEAU3H AE system supports USB3.0 (standard)

SAEU3H MULTI-CHANNEL AE SYSTEM, SEAU3H AE system supports USB3.0 (standard)

SAEU3H is a multi-channel acoustic wave (acoustic emission) acquisition and processing desktop type AE system. A complete SAEU3H system is composed of a certain number of AE acquisition boards in a chassis, AE sensors, preamplifier, coaxial cables and the SWAE analysis software in the computer.

SAEU3H acoustic emission system uses USB3.0 (or TCI/IP, optical fiber) communication mode to connect to the computer, with a data passing rate of up to 600MB/S. Multiple acoustic emission instruments of the same model (SAEU3H) can be cascaded to form a super large system with more than 100 channels by using the standard HDMI cables.

SAEU3H system has strong data acquisition and data processing capabilities, which is suitable for a vast majority of industrial testing applications, as well as laboratory researches with the strict requirements for data accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Sampling Specifications
Sampling Rate maximum 10MSP/s (sample points per second) per channel; the sampling rate is continuously adjustable; each channel can be set independently
Sampling Accuracy 16 bits
Data Pass Rate The maximum pass rate of a single USB3.0 interface connection is higher than 300MB/s; the maximum pass rate of two independent USB3.0 interfaces connection is higher than 600MB/s
Continuous Waveform Acquisition 10MSP/s sampling rate, 16-bit accuracy for 15-channel waveform continuous sampling
AE Parameters Acquisition 10MSP/s sampling rate, 16-bit accuracy for 128-channel AE parameters acquisition without any data loss
AE Board Channel Number 4-channel per AE board
AE Board Memory Capacity 1Gb per AE board
Chassis Three types of chassis: 4-channel, 20-channel, 48-channel
Channel Expansion Multiple chassis can be cascaded to form a larger system, up to 100+ channels; each chassis can be used as the master independently
AE Signal Processing Each acquisition board hardware has AE feature parameters real-time extraction function; the channel can be set independently
Waveform Sampling Length The maximum single waveform sampling length, each channel can be up to 128k sampling points, the channel can be set independently
Waveform Pre-sample Function Pre-sample length can be up to 128k sampling points. The channel can be set independently
Trigger Mode Threshold trigger, time trigger, external trigger, manual trigger
Analog Filter 20kHz, 100kHz, 400kHz three high-pass filters; 100kHz, 400kHz, 1200kHz three low-pass filters; any combination of the two kinds to be set in the software; each channel is independent
Hardware Real-time Digital Filter From 1KHz-2.5MHz frequency range, any value can be set as the pass-through, high-pass, low-pass, band-pass or band-stop filter.
AE Feature Parameters Arrival time, amplitude, counts, duration, energy, rise counts, rise time, RMS, ASL, 12 external parametric, center frequency, peak frequency, 5 partial powers
External Parameter Acquisition Each external input port supports 4 analog external inputs, which can be expanded to a maximum of 12 external parameter channels. The total sampling rate of external parameters reaches 1MSP/s, with a sampling accuracy of 16 bits and an input range of ± 10V.
Alarm Output Can use switches or lights to output the alarming signals
Electrical Specifications
Dynamic Range 85dB
Noise Level <15dB (No load)
Maximum Signal Amplitude 100dB (40dB gain, corresponding to the sensor output of 100mV)
Response Frequency 1kHz-2.5MHz (-3dB bandwidth)
AE Signal Input Range ±10V, it can adjust the signal input voltage range down to ± 5V, ± 2V, ± 1V, or ± 0.1V; the channel can be set independently
Preamplifier Power Supply 28V or 5V phantom power through coaxial cables to the preamplifier or turn off (0V)
Input Impedance 50Ω
Chassis Dimension (L x W x H) 4-channel chassis: 320mm x 125mm x 50mm; 20-channel chassis: 308mm x 225mm x 133mm; 48-channel chassis: 308mm x 368mm x 133mm;
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +45℃




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Multiple channels, USB3.0 connection, maximum 10MSP/S per channel, can be cascaded to 100+ channel system


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