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AE Network communication board for multi-channel chassis


Network communication board


For some special needs of the occasion to use,we have a Network Communication Board to chose, which could be a substitute of USB 3.0 port on the chassis.


Additional optional accessories of the AE system to maximize the specific needs of different customers.

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Network communication board

For some special needs of the occasion to use, we have a Network Communication Board to chose,  which could be a substitute of USB3.0 port on the chassis.

SAEU3H AE system supports USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet communication modes. Standard products are configured with USB3.0 ports by default. Ethernet ports are selectable based on customer requirements.

  • Compatible with standard 20-channel and 48-channel chassis.
  • Occupies first slot of SAEU3H chassis.
  • Only one communication way can be used at the same time.
  • Data pass rate is bigger than 80M/s.
  • RJ45 connector with indicator.
  • Super class 5 or above network cable could be used.



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