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RAEM1 Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission) Detection System




RAEM1 detector was developed based on acoustic wave( acoustic emission) technology and Linux system, combined with SWAE software, it could effectively carry out acoustic emission nondestructive testing for most of the industrial equipment.


Wireless connection, easy to install, battery built-in or external, and optional adapter power supply.

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RAEM1 Detection System

Working principle:

1. The RAEM1 is installed on the tested device through magnetic suction.

2. When the detected equipment is abnormal, special acoustic wave(AE) signal will be generated (what is acoustic wave?)

3. The detector sample, analyzes and processes the signal, and transmits the data to the PC through Wi-Fi or network cable.

4. Acoustic emission software displays and processes acoustic wave(AE) signals to judge the health condition of the equipment and accurately locate the defect location.


1. Wireless connection, reduce the cable connection workload and save cable consumption.

2. Simple installation, RAEM1 magnetic suction base can be directly sucked on the equipment.

3. Real-time monitoring, acoustic wave processing software can carry out real-time display and processing of signal data.

4. Various acoustic wave parameters, Arrival time, amplitude, counts, energy, rising time, duration, RMS, ASL

5. Accurate clock synchronization, can achieve defect  location with software algorithm.


System Networking:

RAEM1 Introduction:

  • RAEM1: integrating signal acquisition, analysis and data communication

  • Aluminum alloy shell, rugged construction, small size and light weight

  • Multiple acquisition modes: Envelope acquisition, continuous parameter acquisition, interval acquisition,  and scheduled acquisition

  •  Based on Linux system,  high stability and high security

  • Flexible channel combination: can be used independently, or used as a multi-channel combination up to 36 channels 

  • Threshold trigger or time trigger

  • 5G module and 2.5G WiFi module, transmission speed up to 120Mbps and transmission distance up to 100m

  • 100 Mb/s network port, maximum transmission speed: 100Mbps

  • Built-in 64G SD memory card, which can be expanded up to 512G for data storage

  • Data can be uploaded to the specific Cloud Server as required by the customer and can also be uploaded to Qingcheng Cloud platform or Ali Cloud platform for display and analysis. It can also be sent directly to SWAE software for real-time analysis and processing

  •  Sensors can be built in or built out

Technical Parameters

  • Channel: Single channel
  • Sampling accuracy: 16-bit
  • Trigger method: Threshold/time trigger
  • System noise: <30dB
  • Sampling rate: Max.2M/s per channel
  • Dynamic range: 70dB
  • Protect grade: IP65   
  • Input bandwidth: 10KHz-800KHz
  • Analog filter: High-pass filters: 30KHz, 125KHz Low-pass filter: 80KHz, 175KHz
  • Digital filter: Any value within 0KHz~1000KHz can be set freely, high pass, low pass, band pass
  • Sensor: Integral sensors with built-in preamplifier (Choose one of three preamp options when ordering: 40dB28V, 34dB12V or 26dB5V)
  • Data output: Waveform, AE parameters and parameter rating
  • AE parameter: Arrival time, amplitude, counts, energy, rise time, duration,RMS,ASL
  • SD card: 64G(can be expanded up to 512G)
  • Comm method: 4G、network port、Wi-Fi、RS485(customized with NB-IOT, Lora etc.)
  • Working temp.: -20℃~60℃(Wi-Fi version: 0℃~60℃)
  • Power supply      Battery or external power supply (DC 12V)   
  • Weight: 220g (without built-in battery/sensor)
  • Size (D x H): 62mm x 100mm (without built-in battery/sensor)
  • Installation: Magnetic base, can be adsorbed on the surface of the object

SWAE software introduction:

Various firmware configurations and acquiring Settings

  •  Several combinations of analog and digital filters

  •  0V, 5V, 28V phantom power supply

  •  HIT feature setting:Threshold、HDT、HLT、PDT

  •  Various waveform acquisition Settings, such as triggering mode, sampling rate and length, and pre-sampling etc.

  •  Parameters and waveforms are stored separately

  •  FFT setting and ex-parameters setting

  •  Tag is added at any time during collection

  •  Pulse width and pulse interval can be set in AST, and each channel can be automatically tested in turn.

      Various view displays

  • The interface can be divided and reformulated according to requirements, and the background color can be customized

  • Customize parameters acquisition: AMP, ASL, Energy, Duration, Counts, Rise time, RMS, Rise counts etc.

  • Multi-channel waveforms are displayed simultaneously

  • Customized parameter correlation graph, histogram, scatter diagram, linear graph and color are selectable

  • FFT and full waveform real-time display

  • 3D positioning diagram display and expand to full screen with zooming, linear, planar, cube, cylinder, tank bottom, sphere location.

  • Alarm display according to various parameters set

  • Full screen display

Full replay function

  • Simultaneous replay or separate replay of parameters and waveforms

  • Waveform generate parameters

  • Parameter re-filter as required

  • Replay speed is settable

        Multiple data analysis tools

  • FFT analysis

  • Wavelet analysis

  • Intensity and activity analysis

  • Clustering analysis

Typical Applications

  • Bridge wire rope breaking detection of bridge structure;

  • Storage tank/water pipe/valve leakage detection;

  • Rotating machinery fault diagnosis state detection;

  • Tool wear detection;

  • Structural crack detection;

  • Crack propagation damage detection for container pipes;

  • Acoustic emission detection of tank bottom plate;

  • Coal seam drill pipe detection;

  • Detection of slope and other geological structures, etc.


Wireless connection, easy to install, battery built-in or external, and optional adapter power supply.


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