How to test the sensitivity of the channel?

Brief: Only parameter data is collected, and the Threshold in Hit Feature of all channels is set to 50dB for data collection.

1)    Only parameter data is collected, and the "Threshold" in "Hit Feature" of all channels is set to 50dB for data collection;


Fig1. Threshold setup interface of SWAE software


2) At least three times of artificial simulation pencil lead breaking operation are carried out at the same distance from each sensor, and the lead breaking angle, lead core length and strength are as consistent as possible. When it is obvious that the lead breaking effect is greatly different, the lead breaking operation can be carried out again;


3) The first three maximum "amplitudes" received by each channel are recorded as measured sensitivity;


4) The average value of the three measurement sensitivities of each channel is the current channel sensitivity; when it is obvious that the sensitivity of a certain channel is abnormal, the sensor and other accessories of the channel can be replaced or recoupled; then, the sensitivity calibration of the current channel should be conducted again;


5) The sensitivity of all channels was averaged again as the system sensitivity;


6)According to the standard or combined with the test requirements, the results of step 5 and step 4 are compared one by one to evaluate whether the channel sensitivity meets the requirements, such as the difference value of ± 3dB or ± 4dB generally required for the detection of special equipment.



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