Characteristics and application fields of AE technology?

Brief:Characteristics of acoustic emission testing

1. Characteristics of acoustic emission testing


The discovery of each AE source means the application of AE system. The AE testing method is different from other conventional NDT methods in many aspects:


l  It is a dynamic detection method. The detected energy comes from the object itself, not from the detection instrument;

l  It is sensitive to linear defects and can detect the movement of defects under external structural stress;

l  It can detect and evaluate the state of defects in the whole structure;

l  The system can provide real-time or continuous information of defects changing with external variables such as load;

l  The requirement of approaching the detected object is not high;

l  It can be used for the inspection of pressure vessels in service;

l  When used in pressure test of pressure vessel, it can prevent catastrophic failure of the inspected object caused by unknown discontinuous defects and limit its maximum working pressure;

l  It is suitable for object detection with complex geometry


By finding hidden defects, even hidden defects in some parts of the structure that cannot be touched, the spread of damage can be prevented. This is the main function of AE detection / monitoring.


2. Application of acoustic emission technology


At present, acoustic emission technology has been applied in many fields, including the following aspects:

l  The petrochemical industry

l  The power industry

l  Material test

l  Civil Engineering

l  The aerospace and aviation industry

l  Metal Processing

l  The transportation industry


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