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SW6 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge




SW6 high-precision ultrasonic thickness gauge, suitable for various materials high-precision measurement needs, can be applied to steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.


High measurement accuracy, large detection range, large data storage space.


SW6 High-precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

SW6 is a high-precision ultrasonic thickness gauge independently developed by Qingcheng Ltd., which suitable for various materials high-precision measurement needs.The thickness of the workpiece can be measured quickly and accurately only by placing the probe on the contact surface on one side of the workpiece.

SW6 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Backlight
  • Data storage
  • Alarm measuring
  • Auto off
  • Battery indicator
  • Coupling indicator

Various materials
It can measure the thickness of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, quartz, glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and other materials.

Various shapes
It can measure one side of pipes, tanks, tubing, containers, hollow castings, huge metal or plastic sheets, and other test pieces with an internal surface that is impossible or difficult to reach.

Various sound speeds
9 common sound speeds are built in and the sound speed could be edited by customer.

7 Working Modes

  • Standard
  • Scan
  • Alarm
  • Average
  • Difference
  • High Temperature
  • Dim

High Precision

0.01mm / 0.001inch



Large Storage

2000 sets of data

Low power consumption
Long working time

  • 2 AA batteries 3VDC
  • 280 hours working time (Backlight off)
  • 100 hours working time(Backlight on)

Standard configuration

  • SW6 thickness gauge
  • Probe 5MHz, Φ10mm (Selectable)
  • User handbook
  • USB cable
  • Software CD

NOTE: Due to shipping issues, we do not supply batteries and coupling agent.

Main Features:

  • A variety of probes are available, suitable for special thickness measurement applications, including coarse grain materials such as gray cast iron and high temperature environment measurement (temperature up to 300℃) applications.
  • Probe self-adaptive functions: automatic matching different manufacturers of various types of probes, including identifying the sensitivity and frequency of probe, automatic adjusting the thickness gauge parameter Settings, to reach the best measuring effect.
  • Power-on self-check function, which help to improve the measurement accuracy.
  • Automatic shutdown time can be set up according to user's needs.
  • Probe zero automatic calibration, sound velocity calibration function.
  • Humanized design of keyboard button, simple and convenient: zero calibration, single point and two points calibration sound velocity.
  • USB data transmission interface, easy implementation and computer data connected to export data (data format. TXT).

Thickness measuring range:

  • 0.65~500mm (Steel)
  • 0.3~200mm (Glass)
  • 3~50mm (Cast iron)
  • 4~80mm (High temperature)

Note: The thickness measurement range for different materials depends on the performance of the probe as well as the material surface condition and the ambient temperature measured.

Technical Specifications

Sound velocity 509~18699m/s, settable
Measurement accuracy ±(0.5%H+0.05) mm (H means the thickness of the testing workpiece)
Display precision 0.01mm or 0.001inch
Receive bandwidth 1MHz~10MHz(-3dB)
Lower limit of steel pipe measurement:(Probe: 5MHz, Φ10mm) The diameter should be at least 15mm, thickness should be more than 2mm
Measurement frequency 2 ~ 20 times/s, settable
Power source 3V DC (two AA alkaline batteries)
Screen display 128×64 dot matrix LCD
Working hours 280 hours (Backlight off);
100 hours (Backlight on)
Applicable temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃ (Ambient temperature);
-10℃ ~ 300℃ (High temperature)
Operating humidity 20% ~ 90%RH
Dimension 136(L) mm×72(W) mm×20(H)mm
Weight 176g (including battery)
Built-in test block thickness 3mm

Optional probe:

Probe type Specification Measuring range Probe Diameter Frequency Temperature
Standard type (suitable for coating workpiece) 5M,Ф10 0.7~400mm
3.0~50mm (penetrating coating)
10mm 5MHz -10~+50℃
Small-diameter type 5M,D6 0.70~60mm 6mm 5MHz -10~+50℃
Standard type 2.5M,D12 3.0~500mm 12mm 2.5MHz -10~+50℃
Micro-diameter type 7.5M,D6 0.65~25mm 6mm 7.5MHz -10~+50℃
High precision type 7.5M,D10 0.65~250mm 10mm 7.5MHz -10~+50℃
High temperature type ZW5P 4.0~80mm 12mm 5MHz -10~+300℃
Special cast iron type 2M,D22 3.0~50mm(cast iron) 22mm 2MHz -10~+50℃

Note: To make sure the probe working properly it needs to use couplant to isolate the air between the probe surface and the measured workpiece surface.

Measuring Principle
The principle of the ultrasonic thickness gauge is to generate ultrasonic pulses through the probe. The pulse enters the workpiece from the contact surface of the probe and the workpiece, propagates in the workpiece along the thickness direction, and reflects on the other surface of the workpiece. By measuring the total time (t) of the ultrasonic pulse propagating in the workpiece and the velocity (v) of the ultrasonic pulse, we can obtain the relationship between the thickness (H) of the workpiece with the time (t) and velocity (v):

               H =vt/2


   H - Thickness of the test workpiece.

   v - Sound Velocity in the workpiece.

   t - The measured round-trip transit time

Note: To make sure the probe working properly it needs to use couplant to isolate the air between the probe surface and the measured workpiece surface.

Demonstration Video

Video #1 | Watch now

Video #2 | Watch now

Applicable condition

  • The surface of the measured workpiece should be clean. If it is rough or seriously corroded, coupling agent should be used on the surface, or treat the surface of the measured workpiece with rust remover, wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Ensure that the surrounding environment has no strong vibration, no strong magnetic field, no corrosive media, and serious dust.
  • The probe should be selected according to the thickness and shape of the measured workpiece.
  • Especially suitable for standard workpieces and pipelines.


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