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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector




SUB180 is a portable industrial non-destructive ultrasonic testing instrument used to detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various damages.


High sensitivity, strong penetration, light equipment, fast detection speed, low cost.


SUB180 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The portable ultrasonic flaw detector is specially designed to meet the needs of non-destructive testing engineers. It is a portable industrial non-destructive testing instrument used to detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various damages. It can freely and accurately detect welding defects, cracks, and pores inside the workpiece. It is widely used in power engineering, boiler pressure vessels, steel structures, military industry, aviation, railway transportation, automatic machinery and equipment and other industries. It is an indispensable testing tool in the field of non-destructive testing.

  • Real-time dynamic color video
  • A variety of industry reports are available
  • Sound and light alarm for various conditions, low battery alarm
  • Single crystal, double crystal, and transmission probes are available
  • 5.7-inch TFT color screen, brightness and color can be set freely
  • Data can be imported into the computer through the USB2.0 interface
  • Automatic calibration function of the probe is simple and convenient to use
  • positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, 3 detection methods
  • Large-capacity lithium battery, and can be tested while charging
  • One hand operation with a wrist strap or hung on the chest by a strap

Functions SUB180
Built-in Standards
Gate Alarm
Curve Alarm
Wave Freeze
Channels 100
Waveforms 1000
Recording duration 60min+20*5min
Auto Calibration
Noise Suppression
Peak Memory
Echo Envelope
Thickness B-scan
Color B-scan
Grayscale B-scan
Auto Gain
Echo Coding Background
Aperture φ Value Calculation
Weld Figure
Crack Depth
Curved Surface Correction
Internal Memory 1GB

Package List
No. Type Qty. Remarks
1 Ultrasonic detector main unit 1  
2 Power adaptor (& power cable) 1 Input: 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz;
Output: 8.4VDC/3.0A
3 Probe cable 2 1.5 meter, BNC-BNC
4 Straight beam probe 1 2.5MHz, Φ20
5 Angle beam probe 1 2.5MHz, 9x9mm, K2=63.4°
6 Protective cover for main unit 1  
7 Operation Manual 1  
8 Instrument case 1  
9 Battery 1 Lithium battery 7.4V 7800mAh
10 USB Communication cable 1 USB Mini
11 PC Software 1 In the USB Flash disk
12 Strap set 1 With a wrist strap, shoulder strap, back strap
13 Warranty card 1  

Test range 8.0~25000 mm
Sound velocity in material 200~20000 m/s
Gain 0 dB~110 dB
Display delay (D-Delay) -15 µs~+3400 µs
Probe delay (P-delay) 0 µs~1000 µs
Operating Frequency 0.2~20MHz
Electric Noise Level ≤12%
Sensitivity margin >62 dB (depth: 200 mm, flat-bottom hole Ф2)
Resolution >40 dB
Noise suppression 0~50%(digital reject)
Vertical linearity error ≤3%
Horizontal linearity error ≤0.1%
Dynamic Range ≥32 dB
Unit mm/inch
Probe Types Single Straight, Single Angle, Dual Straight, Dual Angle, Transmission, Surface
Gate monitors Two independent gates, gate A and B
Rectification Full wave, RF, positive half-wave, negative half-wave
Sampling rate 100MHz
Transmitter Pulse Square wave and spike pulses
Transmitter Pulse Amplitude Multi-grades adjustable (100V, 250V, 400V, 500V)
Pulse Width Auto or 50~1000 ns or spike pulse
Probe Damping 50 Ω, 75 Ω, 150 Ω, 500 Ω
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) 5~1000Hz or auto-high/middle/low
Ambient Temperature -20℃~50℃
Ambient Humidity 20%~95% RH
Power adaptor DC: 8.4V
Battery Li battery 7.4V 7800mAh
Working Hours ≥ 20 hours
Screen 320×240, 5.7-inch LCD with 16-theme colors
Size 220×175×59(mm)
Weight 1.3 kg including battery


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