Couplant and Pencil Lead Break Kit




Couplant is required to use in between the sensor and the surface to be measured. The standard source of simulation is the pencil lead break signal.


Sensor coupling and source simulation

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Couplant and Pencil Lead Break Kit


Couplant is required to use in between the sensor and the surface to be measured. Common couplants for acoustic emission testing can be vacuum grease, Vaseline, butter, quick-drying glue and other ultrasonic couplants.

The purposes of using couplant are:

  • filling the tiny gaps between the contact surfaces so that the trace amounts of air in these gaps will not affect the penetration of acoustic waves;
  • Through the "transition" effect of the coupling agent, the acoustic impedance difference between the sensor and the detection surface is reduced, thereby reducing the reflection loss of energy at this interface;
  • "Lubrication" function to reduce the friction between the sensor surface and the detection surface.

The requirements of the couplant are:

  • 1) The sound attenuation coefficient is small and the sound transmission is good;
  • 2) The acoustic impedance is between the surface material of the sensor and the detection surface, and the match is good;
  • 3) Low adhesion and easy to wipe off;
  • 4) It has moderate viscosity, will not flow when used, and is easy to squeeze out;
  • 5) Moderately moisturizing, not easy to dry out;
  • 6) The appearance is bright in color, high in transparency and contains no bubbles;
  • 7) It has good uniformity, does not contain particles or impurities, and does not block the nozzle when used;
  • 8) Good stability, no discoloration, no change in viscosity, no delamination, no precipitation, no deterioration, no corruption;
  • 9) Does not corrode or damage the surface of the sensor and the object being measured.


Due to transportation and export requirements, we cannot export the couplant. So customers will need to source the couplant locally in their country.

Pencil Lead Break Kit

In various methods of simulation source, pencil lead break is considered to be the most common and standard simulation source method for field engineering applications.

Where, 1 is the pencil, 2 is the guided ring and 3 is the lead.

The standard pencil for testing is a Φ0.3mm, hardness of 2H or Φ0.5mm, hardness of HB pencil. The length of lead extension is required to be about 2.5mm. The angle between the lead and the surface of the object is about 30°, which can be guided by the guided ring.

The pencil lead break is usually used during the system sensitivity test, attenuation test, velocity calibration, position calibration and other tests.

Sensor coupling and source simulation


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