PPS Preamplifier Power Supply& Signal Separator




PPS Preamplifier Power Supply Signal Separator is used for giving power supply to preamplifier. When you choose a non professional AE acquisition system or general DAQ made by other manufacturers, it is necessary to connect PPS and power adapter to supply power to preamp.


Two types of PPS available

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Preamplifier Power Supply& Signal Separator (PPS)


PPS is the preamplifier power supply and signal separator. When you choose the data acquisition board that can not supply power to the preamplifier and also there is no power adaptor can be connected to the preamplifier, it is necessary to connect PPS and power adapter to supply power to preamplifier, to ensure normal usage of the preamplifier and to separate the signals.

For example, most non AE acquisition systems don’t supply voltage power to the analog inputs, such as oscilloscopes, or NI DAQ. So if you are using these DAQ or instruments and also your sensors are with built-in preamp or PAV, it is necessary to add the PPS before your DAQ. The connections are demonstrated below in the diagram.

There are two types of PPS available, PPS50 and PPS2000 respectively. The difference is the output impedance of the PPS. Choose the PPS type according to the input impedance of the DAQ or oscilloscopes. If input impedance of the end instrument is low, choose PPS50. If the input impedance is very high, choose PPS2000.


Model No. PPS50 PPS2000
Output impedance 50Ω 2000Ω
Input impedance 50Ω
Power voltage DC power,can be 5V, or maximum 30V
Signal transmission Phantom power
Connector BNC-Q9
Main material Cast aluminum
Geometric Size 116mm×36mm×30mm
Adapter Input AC 100-240V, output DC can be 5V or up to 30V

Connection diagram:

Two types of PPS available


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