Compared to the online remote AE systems, desktop type AE systems are connected to and accessible within the local network, either directly by wires or via wireless local networks. Such desktop type AE detection system is normally use with a computer or laptop on a desk or table on site or near the facility. It is usually conducted and real-time controlled by professionals to accurately locate the AE ‘Hits’ sources and analyse the AE data in full aspects.

There are two types of AE systems that can be used as desktop type systems, the SAEU3H multi-channel AE system and the RAEM systems respectively.


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QingCheng Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 non-destructive testing systems and condition monitoring solutions manufacturer and global supplier. We are the leader global company in IIoT acoustic emission online monitoring systems of our own design, as well as other NDT systems. Our mission is to provide unattended high quality and reliable online condition monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance of valuable industrial assets in the world.


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