Acoustic Emission Preamplifier

The Acoustic Emission Preamplifier is a instrument designed specifically for use with acoustic emission sensors, which is used to boost the signals and filter out any noise or interference. With its advanced technical features and robust design, the QingCheng Acoustic Emission Preamplifier is the perfect choice for professionals seeking a high-performance acoustic testing solution.

Why do we have to use a preamplifier sometimes?

The voltage signal output from the acoustic emission sensor can sometimes be as low as a few microvolts. However, such weak signals will inevitably experience attenuation if transmitted over long distances. To address this issue, the original sensor signal needs to be amplified several times before transmission. The commonly used amplification factor is 40 dB, and the signal is then transmitted to the signal acquisition unit via high-frequency coaxial cables. The AE preamplifier is an analog circuit that takes the voltage signal output from the acoustic emission sensor as input and outputs an analog signal after amplification.The acoustic emission preamplifier needs to have impedance matching and transformation functions. To prevent the input signal from being too large and causing interference, it should also have protection against electrical shocks and the ability to recover from blocking phenomena. Additionally, it should have a relatively large output dynamic range.

QingCheng AE Institute offers an entire line of acoustic emission preamplifiers, which is compatible with most common acoustic emission sensors and acoustic emission acquisition boards from various manufacturers. If you are not sure which acoustic emission preamplifier you need, contact us so we may assist you.

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