Pressure Vessels/ Tanks: Testing and Monitoring System
Using Acoustic Wave (Acoustic Emission)

Storage tanks, pressure vessels and boilers are required to take regular inspections and testing to ensure the safety of continuous operations and the integrity of the vessels in case of corrosion, cracks and leaks.

The national and industrial standards of the pressure vessels inspection include some non-destructive testing methods, for example, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing and magnetic particle testing. However, another NDT technology, acoustic emission testing (AET) has unique advantages of non-stop operations or no need to drain or open the vessels, which makes the AET a faster and cost-effective technology for:

  • Tank inspection
  • Storage tank monitoring
  • Pressure vessel detection and monitoring
Pressure Vessels/ Tanks: Inspection, Testing and Corroson Monitoring System1
Pressure Vessels/ Tanks: Inspection, Testing and Corroson Monitoring System3


When there are the cracks, corrosion or leak, the storage tanks or pressure vessels generates acoustic elastic waves that can be captured by the acoustic emission sensors following by processing and analysis to locate the sources.


According to the customers requirements, we provides two kinds of AET systems to meet regular detection requirements and long term monitoring needs.

  Periodical Detection Long-term Monitoring
Photo 20-Channel Chassis 20-Channel Chassis
Detection system SAEU3H acoustic emission detection system RAEM1-6 acoustic emission monitoring system
Operation system Windows Linux
Channels Multi-channels, cascadable to 100+ channels From 6 channels, cascadable to 1000+ channels
Acoustic emission sensors GI40/G40 for tank bottom corrosion;
GI150 for tank body cracks
GI40/G40 for tank bottom corrosion;
GI150 for tank/vessel body cracks
Sampling rate 10M/s, 16-bit 2M/s, 16-bit
Waveform collection Support Support
Analog filters High-pass filters: 20kHz, 100kHz, 400kHz
Low-pass filters: 100kHz, 400kHz, 1200kHz
High-pass filters: 30KHz, 125KHz
Low-pass filters: 80KHz, 175KHz 
Digital filters 1KHz-2.5MHz 1KHz~1.0MHz
Advantages USB3.0 high-speed data transmission, good expansion ability, stable performance, accurate defect location function. Suitable for regular detection. Based on Linux operating system, stable performance, wireless communication capability, suitable for long-term remote unattended monitoring.

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