RAEM system is the latest IIoT-AE product series for remote unattended acoustic wave (acoustic emission) long term monitoring applications. There are a few types of RAEM series products available:

  • RAEM1 is a single channel full function version of RAEM.
  • RAEM1-6 is a 6-channel integrated clock synchronized version.
  • RAEM2 is a single channel time trigger power saving compact version.

The Qingcheng IoT Cloud platform is an cloud platform for RAEM and IoT devices to upload or download data, to display AE waveform, parameters and alarm information, to remote read and write devices, to send alarm notifications to users via SMS and emails and more.

Who We Are

QingCheng Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 non-destructive testing systems and condition monitoring solutions manufacturer and global supplier. We are the leader global company in IIoT acoustic emission online monitoring systems of our own design, as well as other NDT systems. Our mission is to provide unattended high quality and reliable online condition monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance of valuable industrial assets in the world.


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