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Q: What are the provisions of the relevant warranty period and how to deal with the after-sales and maintenance after the warranty period?

A: Free maintenance within one year from the factory date, if non-human improper operation factors and force majeure factors. Our company will bear all the maintenance cost (including logistics costs) due to the quality of the product. The cost of product repair beyond the free warranty date will be charged according to the actual repair situation and replacement parts.

Q: What is the manufacturing lead time of the products?

A: Generally acoustic emission sensors/ thickness gauges/ ultrasonic flaw detectors and other finished products/ semi-finished products with inventory are expected to ready to be delivered within a week after receiving the payment. Other acoustic emission instruments are ready to be delivered according to the actual configuration needs, generally by about 20 days.

Q: Does the AE analysis software accept customization (mainly displaying the client company logo)?

A: We do not accept custom requirements for acoustic emission analysis software.

Q: How to describe the specific input/ output parameters of the product in the quotation sheet?

A: We will describe the input/output parameters in the Description section of the quotation sheet, or send the relevant product specifications and technical parameters to the customer.

Q: How to inform the customer about the warranty period, after-sales service and product update iteration information?

A: Generally, all products are equipped with the relevant product technical parameter table and quality inspection certificate and product warranty card. If customers lose the relevant product certificate, they can rely on the serial number on the product body to communicate quality assurance. Corresponding to the updated software, we will send the updated version of the software to the customer if the customer needs it.

Q: What are the incoterms and their prices?

A: Generally, EXW, FOB, C&T, C&F, CIF, etc. according to the total price of the order and the requirements of the customer. CPT is mainly used, and others are auxiliary.

Q: What are the customs clearance issues that customers should be aware of before they consider doing the customs clearance themselves?


If customers purchase sensor magnetic fixture and other magnetic products, we will remind customers that this product needs to do magnetic inspection, and to declare the magnetic inspection fee of USD100/ time;

As for the export of couplant, we will remind customers that colloidal products cannot be transported;

For the products with built-in batteries that need customs clearance, the customer must provide a legal VAT ID and must use the shipping agent designated by our company to clear customs.

Q: Is there a discount for large quantities?

A: Follow strictly with the most updated product quotation of the current year. If the quantity is very large, please contact us for the available quotations.

Q: Can the lead time be reduced?

A: We can adjust the priority of the orders and try our best to reduce the production lead time depending on the urgency. But sometime the inventory and delivery time cannot be controlled by us.

Q: If the customer requires other product parts purchase, can we help the customer purchase and shipment?

A: We need to determine whether we can help customers purchase according to the type of products they need to purchase.

Q: What are the ways of air or express transportation?

A: Usually we choose DHL, FEDEX or QUANZHAN freight forwarder, etc., and clients can choose their own air freight or express service.


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